"Tokio Hotel" – Close-Up from press photo – "Tokio Hotel" – Auschnitt aus Pressefoto-close up photography

close up photography
close up photography

“Tokio Hotel” – Close-Up from press photo – “Tokio Hotel” – Auschnitt aus Pressefoto
[EN] "Tokio Hotel" macro photo from the computer screen. The original photography is a press photo from the record company Universal Music.

[DE] Ein Makro Foto vom Computer Monitor. Das Originalphoto ist ein Pressefoto der Plattenfirma Universal Music.

[EN] Editorial usage only! – It is prohibited to publish this photo for any other usage than editorial!
[DE] Nur für redaktionelle Verwendung! – Das Bild darf nur für redaktionelle Zwecke verwendet werden.

More: markus-merz.blogspot.com/2006/01/tokio-hotel-close-up-fro…

Links: Flickr group Hamburg – Sankt Georg, News Site Hamburg Sankt Georg Information (Informations in German)

close up photography
close up photography

Photo of Close Up of Vertex Logo on Columbia Jacket
This is not the first accidental close-up I have taken with a camera, and it will probably not be the last either! When I first saw it, I could not figure out what it was! But how and when, is still a mystery!

close up photography

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