Lovers and Friends – Usher feat Lil´Jon, Ludacris, Pitbull

this is a great remix from “Lovers and Friends ” by Usher Lil´Jon Ludacris and Pitbull
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Download Link: Lyrics: (Hook) tellin’ me you breaking up but we can be friends then we end up making love in the back of the benz then you want me to forget everything that you’ve said so i guess we are, lovers and friends (Trixx) here we go here we are back again Friends into lovers but never lover to friends i was seeing forever now clearly it’s the end the kiwi to your strawberry a perfect blend but u got a new flavor tryin to replace me like corona and lime i was your swayzie when the puck drops now its hard to face me i wrote my name in your heart why u wana erase me now every relationship got some issues when ur tears fall i was there wit a tissue wit the nerve too say that i hurt you full off love baby why would i dessert you it tears me apart to see you wit him swallow my pride before i get to trippin pissed off i need you outta my system show up wit a girl now its oh no he didnt (Crazed) first you wanna break it off, then you wanna take it off, then we end up making love, then talk about saving us, but i’m a skinny dude, i aint tryin to wait (weight) up, put some lipstick on ya head, get ya mind made up, this aint a sport, so shorty do yourself a favor, dont play any games if you dont wanna see a player, every time i’m “tapping” you, that must be your submission move, how we friends with benefits if it’s only benefiting you adrenaline is through then back to friends again it’s coo, but stop falsely confessing you’re still tempted to move, in, you